Led by You and Me

LIGHTING UP 2020 is an Opportunity Centers of America (OCOA) national effort aimed at providing economic and skill training opportunities for 2020 High School graduates. OCOA is a company that focuses on reducing the number of Underserved markets in America by giving real opportunities through accountability. 

Lighting Up 2020 goal is to provide specialized training to 2020 High Seniors that were impacted by COVID-19 and then partner with them to become the most productive direct marketing arm ever to exist.  Beyond the financial impact for each senior, the success of Lighting Up 2020 will reduce the number of Undeserved households, thus creating healthier families and communities.

OCOA will mentor at a minimum of 2,020 high school 2020 graduates in each of the following ten states. The states are Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington, D.C. The first locations were selected based on partnership affiliations currently in place but will expand to other states in Sept 2020.

Our Youth Movement 

Preserving The Future

In February 2020, an unprecedented crisis hit America called COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus. The virus caused entire states to be shut down, including school systems. The domino effect robbed many 2020 high school graduates of spring breaks, proms, college tours, scholarship opportunities, and even in-person graduations.

Each participating graduate will receive entrepreneurial training, a QuickBooks Made To Order certification, an Individual Development Account (IDA), and several other certifications depending on their state

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Earn Money

Scholarships Opportunity

Create Generational Wealth



What We Believe In

Lighting Up 2020 mission is to provide resources and technical assistance to economically and socially disadvantaged households in Underserved and Rural Markets. The hope is over four years to reduce the percent of underserved households in America by 25 percent. 2020 High School Graduates will lead the charge by adopting 300 families to guide them to self-sufficiency.


Do Your Part

Be The Change Agents 

2020 High School Seniors need you to do your part in preserving their future. Each senior task is to identify 300 households and 20 Community Small Businesses they can partner with to learn their needs, direct them to available resources, and provide them with assistance in receiving the available resources.


Re-Imagining Your Future Due to COVID-19

2020 High School seniors are designed to overcome unique situations as many of them were in the wombs of their mothers when 911 took place in Sept 2001 and in 2020 they encountered COVID-19. 2020 was supposed to be their most memorable year and the first of many great accomplishments. Instead, it was filled with cancellations, disappointments, and a lack of clarity


Be Part of Something Great

Opportunity Agents are individuals, organizations, or companies that pledge to share opportunities with their community and not be selfish but a vessel of good. Each agent will support up to 300 high schoolers.


Your Help is Truly Appreciated

Change Agents are 2020 high school seniors that pledge to dedicate their early years to empower those in underserved communities. Each senior decree to do all they can to provide 300 households with direct access to essential resources.




Your agent connection fee is $199.00, which includes a Lighting Up 2020 Playbook, required licensing, a badge, your company website, QuickBooks training, and an opportunity to earn money weekly.




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